Sunday, January 16, 2011

Shy Girl Mupeng

Cewe ngentot story mupeng - I'm a girl 17 years old and still grade high school ii. Among my friends, I'm probably the most shy. I often crush on a boy but I'm afraid to start a relationship. Inside the room, I used to dangle a crush guy's face, imagine what if making love to her, having sex with him, so it's often made me very aroused. Finally, I often masturbating with rubbing my vagina is tiny.
At first I was just happy to still rubbing clitorisku while viewing it through the mirror that I placed in such a way that I can look at my vagina through the glass. Maybe because keseringanku masturbating by rubbing the outside of the vagina and the clitoris gradually I felt less satisfied if only the clitoris, my hands start reaching the area below the clitoris, vagina lips fumbled a little redness and it feels more enjoyable though amused at all. Sometimes I open the lip with his left hand and my right hand finger slowly enter into the hole, still feels pain at first but eventually so good, I circled my finger in the hole while occasionally I put in in trying to achieve- bulge located at the tip of the vaginal opening and it was exorbitant deh felt I wanted to insert this finger and moves in and out quickly, it occurred to me how it feels if that is in it is a penis moving in and out. I can not imagine how it feels. But I have not dared to have sex with men I'm afraid that if pregnant and I have not had a boyfriend.
Because the easement almost every day I was masturbating sometimes I think, I hyperseks Biarin deh important but delicious. Because of frequent masturbating then at the time in the room sometimes I deliberately did not wear panties and wearing only a shirt and skirt or dressed only in negligee, so I'm free fingering vagina. When WITHOUT alone in the room I often look at my vagina in the rearview mirror while cleaning of fluid-fluid or hair straightening groin that started long, I even provide a special time to take care of my vagina.
One time I woke up very early with the great desire, my soul is very high indeed in the days leading up haidku go or in a few days after menstruation, when I was masturbating before bed, that morning I was confused between what can we do want to satisfy myself alone or having sex because that night I dream of having sex with someone. Then I left the room to go to the bathroom to pee first, through the dining room when I saw the banana on the table to eat the rest of last night. Without thinking I took the banana is one, and I have brought into the room. I was directly lying on the bed and start acting. I fumbled my vagina, my vagina a little while already very wet, and I removed the robe that I wear so I went naked because I was only wearing a negligee. At that moment I could not tell what it was like my soul is really high. My fingers wildly penetrated all parts of the vagina, clitoris and even until I push-push until the extraordinary pleasure. If it is usually only one finger that I put into the vagina so now I put two fingers together and it felt really good all until my body shaking until all the conveniences.
Then I took a banana which I had taken from the table. I peeled and then I put into the vagina while imagining that it was a penis, when I started into favor once more then after the half came in and left there Dalu while enjoying how it feels. Then the bananas are kugerakkan out slowly, it feels so good and the banana that I continue to move in and out with the right hand while my left hand rubbed clitorisku prominent reddish. While continuing to move the bananas that I have always thought why do not I use this thing if it felt very good this way, a moment later felt to me like want to pee tied up and incredible blessings that I will soon sign an orgasm and I move it deeply, gosh pleasure and I will orgasm with a third banana into the vagina, I really enjoyed this orgasm and I let the bananas that were there and my hand slowly second grope my breasts that never touched when I masturbate because I'm more interested in vagina, kuusap-rub my nipples slowly while enjoying the pleasures that no this unrivaled.
Once satisfied banana pulled slowly but it broke half banana and half of whom are still in the vagina, half panic I tried to remove half of the bananas it by hand but it did not work instead of banana was getting into. I'm very confused what to do, but today I also have school exams, I immediately went into the bathroom and the water hose I tried to let the water spray my vagina with bananas came out, but to no avail also even my vagina lips are shrinking from the cold, would Mama told me ashamed of half-dead. Finally I decided to go to the hospital after tests later and I rushed off to school. Having finished dressing and grooming, I tried to walk but my goodness there is something that whippy feel in my vagina, then how berjalankupun funny I can not walk with normal step because there are bananas in my vagina.
Arriving at the school I'm afraid that my friends knew there was something wrong in my vagina, slowly I walked with an odd step. Arriving in front of the class a lot of friends who pay attention to my steps and some have asked why Rien kok stride like a robot? I said nothing, smiling wryly. "Yes blister his feet?". Fortunately, he lived I guess the first and iyakan. When I was confused because dudukpun when used to sit the damn bananas are felt when prop and I'm also worried what if later on this banana and fell out when I'm walking embarrassed right?
Finally I did a test with no concern and immediately wanted to go home. When I got home because it is not bad when used to walk I ride tricycles, my heart is in doubt for the hospital, how will I tell the doctor or nurse? oh shame! Finally I decided to go home. Arriving at home I'm off all my clothes, I try again but it turned out that the banana is very difficult due to fatigue eventually I fell asleep with the naked and straddle legs because that's the most enjoyable position.
In the afternoon, I woke up and tried again removing the card after a late lunch. I stood with a half-squat so that my vagina wide open and my right hand fingers while you try to remove my left hand holding on to the bed did not let me fall. But in vain this business because my fingers hard to reach, eventually as half despair I use a chopstick noodle chicken to try it out. With the same position slowly I put chopsticks it slowly and after the banana was until I songkel slowly banana because it feels a little sore. Slowly it seemed to me that bananas will come out then your left hand I use to open the lips of my vagina it is easy to let the banana out. And finally .., .. telepok, bananas and falling out between my legs, it felt very relieved. When I saw the fallen banana that I'm somewhat amused as well it was not known shape and smell has also been mixed with the smell of my vagina, and a half days he was inside my vagina and make me confused as hell. Then I throw the banana and me to the bathroom to clean my vagina from the remnants of bananas.
Finally I give up using bananas to masturbating and then I plan to buy a dildo (artificial penis) to masturbating. And I recommend my friends girl if you want to masturbating and will include some things that resemble the penis into the vagina you do not use bananas. Even if the use will use bananas that are still raw (green) because it is still hard and not easily broken and then use it slowly and carefully so as not broken. And if the vagina is very much fluid do not use raw bananas bananas though because a lot of fluid will soften the banana and make it fast break.