Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Do You Love Turning

Janganlah Kau Berpaling Sayang
Honey Do not You Turn - A week is so painful for Farel a student at a UK leading University Bandung.Ia have experienced a deep hurt caused sendiri.Cinta actions ... right .. again - again the love that sank it deep kesamudra.

Farel dikampusnya.ketampanan one famous guy once tajir be a plus for women who want memilikinya.Farel known to have a lot of beautiful girls to the less pretty (ie below average ratalah). Everything dimamfaatkan Farel to run its interests, after that .... Disposed of course, the term dangdutnya use and throw .. hehe ..

Until one when Farel meets a girl named Manda.Gadis pretty simple but is able to captivate Farel to have it.
The curious Farel,, good looks wrapped in a thick pocket and luxury cars are not able to look away Manda to view it.

Various attempts have been made Farel to captivate Manda, but the effort was just nothing - no good, Manda with innocence remained turned to Farel.

What's wrong with Manda? Farel said to myself ... is it possible there is any abnormality Manda said ... Farel continued tersebut.Ini cute girl curious about the first time he went after the girls so seriously.

Farel the middle of the evening relaxing cool room, arrive - came the sound of ringing cell phones that he miliki.Farel read incoming messages on mobile phones such luxury ..

"Farel sorry ... I was l4nc4ng mengrm BKN KPD msg mu ...
Aq thu slma n km TRS mngjr love q ...
BKN aq mnykiti your feelings ...
Aq just keep cnta ksetiaan nd q ...
Lg q Sekli mhn sorry ..
Q Heart sdh .. d other tmpt
NGK mgkn membgi Aq q with two love hearts ..
Aq msh syg him ..
Tlng pahmi persaanku ...
@ Manda ... "

Farel could only sigh ... .. 'Thank you Manda' he said to himself ...