Wednesday, January 12, 2011

4 Mark Love clap one hand

4 Tanda Cinta Bertepuk Sebelah Tangan
Signs sided love - When it several times dating a guy, of course began to grow the seeds of romance. Hope to be able to formalize the relationship emerged. But, whether he has the same feelings?

Here are 4 signs of unrequited love that quoted from VIVAnews:

1. Introduce you as a friend
Men tend to introduce women incarannya with direct mention the name of the woman in front of his friends. Surely no-frills 'friends'. This means, he avoids the word 'friend' because it wants the relationship can continue. However, if the he immediately introduces you as a friend, this is a signal that he does not have the same feelings.

2. Telling other women with casual
Men will never be another woman talking casually in front of women incarannya. If he tells cueknya length about other women, he might just consider you as a friend to vent. He may be comfortable with you, but only a friend.

3. Men treat you like friends
Making friends and spending time with him was exciting. You might really enjoy it. But while spending time with her, see also his attitude to you. If he tends to act arbitrarily and can joke off like a male friend, a sign he just treat you as a friend.

4. Call if needed
Men who are doing approach will call to ask about your activities or take a date. Not just when he needs advice or assistance.