Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dim stall Langgananku

Preoccupied with sex in a stall campus chicken dim - At the time I got home from campus around 20:00 because there are night classes. Arriving at the place of boarding, ask my stomach filled. I just went to the stall where langgananku in front of the house. Shop owned by Mrs. Sari, age 30 years. She was a widow bereaved of her husband and no children. He's pretty good and bodynya. I see the stall was still open but it really seems to have deserted. Well, lest the food was gone, oh I could starve to death later. Then I went into the stall.

"Auntie ..?"
"Eee .. Dik Sony, want to eat it? "
"Eee .. fried chicken is still there, Auntie? "
"Aduhh .. 've run out tuch, this live doang head. "
"Waduhh .. could eat rice tok nich .. "I said miserably.
"If Dik Sony wanted to, let's go to aunt's house. On the aunt's house there is fried chicken stock. Dik Sony would not? "
"It's up to Aunt aja dech .."
"Wait a minute, let me close the first Aunt stall?"
"Let me help you Auntie."

Then after closing the shop, I went with him to go to his house not far from the shop. Arriving at his home ..
"Dik Sony, wait a minute yes. Oh yes, if you like watching TV turn aja .. yes do not be shy. Auntie would replace the old clothes .. "
"Yes Auntie .." I replied.

Then Aunt Sari went into his room, kept a few moments later he came out of the room by simply wearing a T-shirt and white shorts. Wow cool, sexy bodynya who posted in my eyes, her nipples peeking out from under his shirt was, how big and challenging his milk it. His long legs and ladder, white and smooth and covered with fine hairs.

He headed into the kitchen, and I continue to watch TV. After a few moments.
"Dik .. Dik Sony .. try here for a while? "
"Yes Auntie .. for a while .. "I said as I ran toward the kitchen.

Having reached the kitchen door.
"What is it Auntie?" I asked.
"E.. Cuman aunt would ask, Dik Sony liked the part where .. chest, wings or thighs? "
"Eee .. the thigh aja, Auntie. "I said, looking at Auntie Sari body that can not be expressed by words. Her body is so beautiful.
"Dik Sony likes thigh ya .. eehhmm .. "she said with a frying chicken.
"Yes Auntie, because the thighs are very tasty and savory." I said.
"Aduhh Dik .. please Dik .. Tante gatel thigh .. aduhh .. there may be a mischievous ant .. aduhh .. "
I was surprised at once confused, I checked the thigh Tante. No nothing.

"Nothing really semutnya Tante .." I said, looking at the smooth white thigh plus fine hairs that make my cock rose 10%.
"Cook the hell, you try to use hand rubbed let gatelnya lost." She pleaded.
"Good Aunt .." and then I rub her thighs with my hand-rub. Wow, so delicate, soft as silk fabric from China.
"How is Aunt, gatelnya gone?"
"Fair Dik, oh yes thank you. Dik Sony smart dech .. "he makes me so flattered.
"Likewise Tante .." I said.
"Okay, the chicken is ready .. Dik now Sony eat first. While Auntie ya want a bath first. "He said.
"Well Auntie, thank you?" I said, eating fried chicken was delicious.

While dining, flashed through my mind Aunt Sari's bare body. Oh, how happy with her bath. I can not concentrate with my dining. Dirty mind was ambushed again, and I could not resist. Aunt Sari did not realize that my eyes continue to follow the steps to the bathroom. When the bathroom door was closed, I imagine how Aunt Sari's hand gently stroking her entire body with scented soap, from her beautiful face, and cheeks smooth, sensual lips, neck level, milk, plump, belly and navel, and hold vagina, ass, plump, white thighs and smooth it. I then just picked up a chair to get a peek through the glass above the door. There seems obvious.

Aunt Sari appeared to start lifting his shirt to the top edge until beyond his head. His body stayed dressed in shorts and bra, it did not last long, because soon she melucutinya. He was wearing shorts off, and he did not use the CD. Then he let go of her bra and meloncatlah great milk. Then, with the water drenched him smearing the entire body with soap LUX, then the two milk and squeezed his hand in circles on the end. Manhood to feel as if part pijitannya so swell about 50%. With a standing position, leaning against the wall, Aunt Sari continue gosokannya in the groin area, while his eyes shut tight, his mouth menyungging.

A few moments later ..
"Come on, Sis Sony .. just do not need to peek into that, it is not good, the door is not locked too! "suddenly heard the sound of Aunt Sari from within. Call it almost made me pass out and very, very surprising.
"Well I'm sorry Auntie. Sony accidentally you know, "she slowly opened the bathroom door was not locked. But after the door opened, I was like a statue watching the scene that was never imagined. Aunt Sari smiled sweetly and ..
"Come here dong accompany Aunt bath yes, do not like the statue gicu?"
"Good Aunt .." I said, closing the door.
"Dik Sony .. birds wake you? "
"Yes Auntie .. ah so ashamed of me .. Aunt naked abis gini Sony clay where fragrant anymore, so my appetite, Tante .. "
"Ah kok Awright Dik Sony, it was reasonable .."
"Dik Sony ever ngesex yet?"
"Eee .. Tante yet .. "
"So, Dik Sony is still a virgin, yes, wow ngetop dong .."
"Akhh .. Tante so embarrassed, Sony. "

At that time my pants had changed the form of 70%, somewhat bloated, apparently Aunt Sari is also concerned.
"Dik Sony, the bird is still awake huh?"
Cuman I just nodded, and beyond my guess Aunt Sari suddenly approached with naked body touching my cock.
"Wow great too burungmu, Dik Sony .." while continuing to be touched down ride, I began to feel the pleasure that has never felt.

"Dik Sony .. dong may Tante clay bird? "I have not had time to answer, Aunt Sari had pulled down my shorts, practically live my remaining CDs plus tee-shirtku.
"Oh .. enormous and until exit gini, Dik Sony. "shuffling his aunt said cock, delicious whipped Aunt Sari with his silky smooth and white. I kept sighing involuntarily delicious, without me knowing, my cock was already been rubbed between her breasts, plump and big. "Ough .. Tante .. Tante delicious .. ough .. "I sighed, leaning against the wall.

After that, Aunt Sari insert my cock into her mouth, with buasnya he took out my cock put in her mouth while sucking occasionally, he also sometimes lick and suck out 2 eggs twin sister. I was shocked, suddenly Aunt Sari stop its activities. He Hold my cock as she walked toward the tub, then Aunt Sari nungging back to me, a hunk of rump clearly posted in front of me.

"Dik Sony .. did according as you please .. Tante kerjain yes! "
I see the scenery is so beautiful, smooth pussy with a feather that is not too heavy. Then just kusosor vagina scent and there is so much salty mucus out of her vagina. Kulahap vagina greedily Aunt Sari, I played my tongue on her clit, occasionally I put my tongue into her vagina hole.

"Ough Sonn .. ough .. "sighed Aunt Sari, wringing her milk.
"Keep Son .. Sonn .. "I'm increasingly enamored, even more so when I put my tongue into her vagina there is a sense of warmth and small pulses getting me crazy.

Then Aunt Sari sleep supine on the floor with both legs bent upwards.
"Come on Sony .. Dik Tante already can not stand .. Where burungmu Son? "
"Auntie already can not stand it?" I said, see the sights so challenging, her vagina with a little hair soft, fragrant liquid soaked salty looks so shiny, I immediately stuck my penis in her vagina lips.
"Aoghh .." shouted Aunt Sari.
"Auntie .. Why?" I asked, surprised.
"Nah .. No Son's okay .. continue .. continue .. "
I put my cock head in her vagina.
"Narrow once Auntie .. very narrow Auntie? "
"No pa-pa Son .. continue aja .. because've long sich Tante not ginian .. Ntar was delicious too .. "
Well, I'm forced little by little, just half of my cock disappear. Aunt Sari is like a worm from heat flounder around.

"Ough .. Son .. ouh .. Son .. delicious Son .. continue Son .. oughh .. "sighed Aunt Sari, as well as I though my penis into her vagina but kempotannya cuman half was incredible, so good. The longer the faster movements, this time my cock has pussy eaten Aunt Sari vanish. Sweat began to wet my body and the body Auntie Sari.

Suddenly Aunt Sari sat up as he hugged me and mencakarku.
"Oughh Son .. ough .. incredible .. oughh .. Sonn .. "she said with a brake literacy.
"I think I want an orgasm .. ough .. "my cock still lodged in the vagina Aunt Sari.
"Dik Sony've come out huh?"
I shook my head, then Aunt Sari supine again. I like crazy to move my body back and forth, I glanced at the hanging milk because my movements, I looked down, kissed her nipples were reddish brown. Aunt Sari increasingly sighed, "Ough .. Sonn .. "Auntie Sari suddenly hugged me a little bit scratch my back.

"Oughh .. Sonn .. I went out again .. "
I felt her vagina more slippery and getting bigger, but the more the rate is fixed. I made flying taste. Ah, I thought I was going out. As she continued to shake, I asked Aunt Sari.
"Auntie .. I keluarin where Tante ..? Inside may not ..? "
"Terseraahh .. Soonn .. "sighed Aunt Sari.
Kupercepat movements, bird throbbing hard, there is something that will spit out by my cock. Finally all feels light, my body seemed to fly, there is extraordinary pleasure. Finally kumuntahkan laharku the vagina Aunt Sari, still kugerakkan my body and apparently Aunt Sari orgasm again and then he bites my chest, "Oughh .."

"Dik Sony .. Sonn .. you are great .. "
I returned my CD mangenakann and shorts. While Aunt Sari still naked, lying on the floor.
"Dik Sony .. if want to buy dinner again yah .. few hours aja ya .. "said Aunt Sari tease while playing her nipples and clit are still visible swelling.
"Aunt Sis Sony wants to eat at home often Tante yes .." said Aunt Sari said, smiling coyly.
Then I got home, I was laughed to himself because of what had happened. Yes how do not laugh just because "Chicken Fried" I can enjoy the beauty of making love with Aunt Sari. This world is beautiful.